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Kane 455 Analyzer kane455

£ 439.00 excl. VAT



The Kane 455 infrared combustion flue gas analyser is a versatile tool for installation and service engineers. With direct measurement of CO2 using infrared technology and long life carbon monoxide sensors the Kane455 features significantly lower running costs.
A gas analyser, carbon monoxide monitor, carbon dioxide monitor, differential thermometer and precision pressure meter all in a small, easy to use instrument.

Investigating domestic carbon monoxide alarm activation, or reports of smells or leakage of combustion products, as detailed in CMDDA1 (Carbon Monoxide/Carbon Dioxide - Domestic Atmosphere & Appliance Testing), requires the direct measurement of CO2 in the parts per million (ppm) range, which is not possible with the Kane 455.
The New Kane 457 flue gas analyser and domestic atmosphere tester combines all the features of the Kane 455 flue gas analyser and the Kane 100-1 indoor air quality monitor providing direct measurement of CO2 both in the range % volume and ppm ranges.
For details of the Kane 457 flue gas analyser click here
Easy to use rotary switch
Accurately measures:
Carbon dioxide (CO2)
Carbon monoxide (CO)
Flue and inlet temperature
Differential pressure (±80mbar)
Oxygen (O2)
CO/CO2 ratio
Poison index
Natural gas, light oil (28/35 sec),
Propane, butane, LPG, wood pellets
Long life sensors (expected life up to 5 years)
Detachable flue probe
Memory stores:
99 combustion tests
20 pressure and tightness tests
20 temperature and CO tests
Accurately calculates condensing boiler efficiency
Optional GLD/450 combustible gas leak detector
Optional Bluetooth™ communications (factory fit)
Direct data transfer to PC/laptop with optional USB/serial data lead set
Note: Bluetooth™/serial communications software required. Available as a free of charge download from Kane International. Microsoft® Excel must also be present on your PC or laptop


This is because all analyzer's come with a year's calibration from day of manafacture